Dairy In Your Diet

Be sure to get your 3 servings of dairy every day.

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Western Dairy Association serves as the regional promotion organization for Colorado, Montana and Wyoming. Our staff of registered dietitians and family and consumer science specialists are committed to providing credible, science-based research and nutrition information to consumers, health professionals and the media. Our goal is to ensure health professionals, scientists, media and educators have a credible body of nutrition knowledge upon which to educate or base health recommendations.

Western Dairy Association disseminates nutrition programs, materials and research to support government recommendations for improved nutrition for Americans, including consumption of at least three servings of nutrient-rich low-fat or fat-free milk and milk products each day.

Explore this website to find educational handouts, research papers and summaries, healthy weight with dairy information, information on the importance of 3-Every-Day of Dairy and more.

Nutrition recommendations found on our site are based on current nutrition science and recommendations from USDA