The Family Living in Your Refrigerator is a special story sent to us by Connie Auran, a retired Registered Dietitian in Denver. She wrote this story for her grandchildren and hopes Western Dairy’s readers enjoy it as well!

The Other Family Living in Your Home

We all have a very fun family living in our house besides our mom, dad, brothers and sisters! I’ll bet you have all met them and like them, but do you know who I am talking about? They are the Dairy Family. They live in an apartment building called a refrigerator and the whole family is very cool! They like being very cool so we always keep them in their home when they are not on our table.

The Father is a quart of milk. He’s tall and cool and brave. He is brave because he dares to go so many places: in soups, in cereal, in puddings, in sauces and almost anywhere your mother wants to put him – he’s not afraid of anything!

The Mother is a wedge of cheese. She is so pretty and so loving. I’m sure you have seen her with her arms around a hot dog or covering a hamburger or maybe clinging to two pieces of bread in a grilled cheese sandwich. She just loves to be hugging someone. Sometimes things get really sticky with all her hugging. She does not brag like dad but she shows up all over the place. She finds herself in salads and sandwiches at lunch. She stuffs herself in a baked potato, hides in lasagna, and she’s a real good mixer and popular at parties in dips and toppings.

There are four children (three boys and one girl). They take after Mom and Dad. Their names are Creamy, Chocky (short for chocolate), Icy Bar, and the baby Yogurt, who they all call Yogi. Then Grandma Buttermilk, who has become a bit lumpy over time, and Grandpa Sour Cream who both come to visit often. The whole family is happy, healthy and busy all the time.

Sometimes Mom, Dad and Icy Bar go outside with the children after school with really good snacks that taste so good after a long day at school.

The whole family is busy all the time helping build our bodies and making us grow big and tall. Dad likes to say he is fortified and then he flexes his muscles for all to see. He goes on to say he has more in him than anyone else ever and starts naming; vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, protein, phosphorus, riboflavin and on and on he goes, till Mother gets bored and yawns, she has heard all this before!

All the children start talking about how good they are. Creamy says he has all of those things in him and people like him better in their coffee than anything else! Then someone hollers “Old Creamy is only good if he’s whipped,” and all the kids jump on him and try to whip him. Mother gets them all settled down and quiet once more.

Then Dad starts talking again how he is the almost perfect food for everyone. Chocky says he’s more perfect cause all the kids in school like chocolate milk better than white milk, someone shouts, “Old chocolate milk is only good in a shake,” and all the kids jump on him and start shaking him. Once again Mother has to referee.

Now Icy Bar pipes up and says she (being the only girl) is special because she has such a pretty shape and is so sweet. Of course now someone tells her “Ice cream is only good on a Sundae,” and all the kids start giggling and wrestling again.

Baby Yogurt, who has started to cry says, “Lots of kids don’t like me, they say I taste weird!” Mother tells him not to worry, they are going to put a nice strawberry sauce over him and then everyone will like him as well as frozen yogurt!

Grandpa is listening to all of this with a long, sour face. “You kids stop that now. I am supposed to sit here quietly until this Jell-O starts to thicken and that’s hard to do with all of the racket!” Grandma Buttermilk has been quiet long enough. She pipes up and says “Well let me tell you a thing or two, I make good pancakes, salad dressing, cakes and some really brave people even like to drink me just plain!”

Grandma then gets a gleam in her eye and says in a low voice, “Besides, I can make the glass dirtier than any of you.” They can’t believe Grandma said that and everyone is really laughing now.

The message to all of you girls and boys is to be sure and get to know this wonderful family living in your refrigerator. They would love to have you visit often and they promise to be very good for you all the time!

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