Today’s blog is from Montana State Ambassador Drew Briggs. Drew had the chance to attend a Broncos game in December and meet several Broncos players as part of the Fuel Up to Play 60 program. 

Hi my name is Drew Briggs. Last year I went to the Fuel Up to Play 60 Summit where I met some awesome people from Western Dairy Association. In December, I was fortunately asked to go to the Denver vs Bills game for some cool events and the game! We rented a great hotel and had a lot of fun downtown before the game!

When I met up with some Western Dairy representatives at the stadium, we got to hang out in this really fun tailgating/buffet area. After that we got to go on THE FIELD! We were just about on the 20 and luckily Fred Jackson was warming up there! I asked Fred Jackson, the running back for the Bills if I could have the ball and he gave it to me. And even better, we were about ready to go to the Denver player tunnel, I saw John Elway and GOT HIS  SIGNATURE ON THE BALL!

After that we went up to our seats where I watched my first NFL game! After the game we went to a concert. It was SO much fun. So sign up for Fuel Up to Play 60 now and you just might be able to go to a game like me!

To learn more about the Student Ambassador Program that Drew is part of, click here.

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