Here at Western Dairy, we are always looking for new ways to enjoy dairy – you can see the ideas we find on our recipe page or Pinterest, but this year we have an all-new product to share with you called Fairlife!

Fairlife is a new brand of fluid milk that is now available nationwide at grocery stores. It is specially filtered to have more calcium and protein, plus it is also lactose free. The other nutrients available in traditional milk remain the same as they always have been, and so do the calories. The technology that allows these changes means that consumers can get more of what they want from milk and dairy farmers love being able to get more milk to more people since it is so nutrient-rich and important for a healthy diet.

Fairlife is the brain child of Mike and Sue McCloskey, who run a farm in Indiana. Fair Oaks Farms is known for being a destination to learn about where food comes from. They are also nationwide leaders in improving sustainability and transparency in the dairy industry.

This new product is a great option if you prefer lactose free milk, want more protein or calcium, or are just looking to check out a new product in the dairy aisle!

You can read more about Fairlife here.

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