About Us

Western Dairy Association is a non-profit, dairy farmer-funded organization that works to promote dairy products as part of a healthy staff lifestyle. We are passionate about developing, implementing and leading health programs for children and schools, science-based nutrition, community and consumer education. Our purpose is to help dairy farm families tell their stories so consumers see dairy as trustworthy and essential to their lives.

WDA is an affiliate of Dairy Management Inc. and National Dairy Council, and is fully funded by dairy farm families to be an active voice providing nutrition information for consumers, health professionals, educators, community leaders and media in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming.

staff 2As the regional resource for dairy science and information, we employ one full-time registered dietitian, run the Fuel Up To Play 60 program in three states and are the primary resource for information and communications about where your dairy comes from and dairy’s nutritional role in a healthy lifestyle.

We are proud of our more than 80-year history promoting the goodness of dairy and are happy to provide recipes, as well as resources to use in schools and other community settings when talking about dairy farming and making healthy meal choices. If you want to learn more about the people behind your milk and how they care for their animals and the earth, we encourage you to read about our dairy farm families, dairy cows and cow care.


To ensure families and communities value:

dairy as indispensable to their well-being; the dairy industry as a credible catalyst for action and the trusted source of information for health and well-being, farming, food production and stewardship; and building stronger community commitment to dairy foods and dairy farms.


The Western Dairy Association’s mission is to drive trust and sales in dairy.
Educational Cow Display by the Western Dairy Association


Western Dairy Association works on behalf of dairy farm families in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming.  WDA is centered on driving sales and trust in dairy foods and dairy farms.

All activities are developed with strategic and catalytic partnerships; education and awareness to communities about the local value and contributions of dairy farms, health and nutrition benefits of dairy foods amongst diverse consumer, business and school groups.


Western Dairy Association adopted its core values of Integrity, Excellence, Leadership, Collaboration and Innovation.