Today’s guest blog is from Chef Nathan Dirnberger, who will be riding for team dairy on this fall’s Pedal The Plains! Hear about how his training for the ride is going – and stay tuned for reports about what our team learned after the ride. 

In preparation for Pedal the Plains I have been training both on and off of the bicycle. Throughout the summer I have been running, hiking, biking, lifting weights, and doing cross fit. A healthy diet is a very important part of training and preparing for any physical activity. Living and working on Grant Farms this summer in Northern Colorado has provided me plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep my health and wellness at optimal performance.

Some of my favorite activities have included running or biking in agricultural areas. Rows of corn, wheat, and other staples of Colorado agriculture make a great backdrop and change of scenery in comparison to the urban scenery I have been used to. Throughout my travels this summer I have taken the time to visualize and imagine this year’s Pedal the Plains.

Just like last year, I will refuel with chocolate milk in between stages of the race. Chocolate milk is a great source of vitamins, minerals, and calories for long races like Pedal the Plains. I look forward to continuing to train up to the race and am excited to Pedal the Plains on behalf of the Western Dairy Association, the Colorado Farm Bureau and Colorado Egg Producers.

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