Dairy Farms

Dairy Facts in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming

In Colorado, dairy farming contributes $594.2 million to the economy each year, helping to create jobs and contributing to local communities. Colorado is 3rd in milk production, 5th in average dairy cow herd size and 15th in total milk production in the U.S.. In 2012, Colorado dairies produced 2.9 billion pounds of milk. Dairy farms are an important part of the economy in each of our states.

In Montana, dairy contributes $56.3 million to the state’s economy, and in 2012, produced 288 million pounds of milk.

Wyoming cows produced 123 million pounds of milk in 2012, an increase of almost 100 million pounds over 2010! There, our dairy farm families contribute $23.8 million to the state’s economy.

Dairy farms in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana