Animal Care

Animal Care is a Dairy Farmer’s First Priority

Dairy farmers love their cows! Farmers won’t do anything that jeopardizes their cows’ health because unhappy, unhealthy cows don’t make milk. Our dairy farm families spend a great deal of time and money finding new ways to make their cows comfortable and happy so they will produce the most milk possible. How do they do that?

  • Comfortable BeddingFarmer feeding dairy cow calf
  • Nutritious, delicious food formulated by animal nutritionists
  • Regular visits from veterinarians
  • Hoof manicures
  • Barns that keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Fans and sprinklers in summer
  • Calf hutches
  • Calf jackets
  • Vaccines for preventable diseases
  • Back scratchers in barns

Many of our dairy farmers say that their dairy cows are fed and treated like a member of the family. This ensures the cow’s comfort and happiness, and gives them what they need to produce the highest quality milk possible. 

Dairy farmers also take part in F.A.R.M. – Farmers Assuring Responsible Management, which is a third-party verified animal care program. Learn more here.