Milk Transportation and Sustainability

Milk is transported from the dairy farm to the processing plant before heading to grocery stores and into the dairy case for your family to enjoy. This process usually takes two days or less, and there has been much improvement in the environmental impact of transporting milk in recent years.Milk tanker truck

Most of Western Dairy’s dairy farmers have their milk picked up, transported and distributed by Dairy Farmers of America (DFA). DFA has worked very hard to increase the efficiency of their milk trucks. Not only are these trucks routed by computer program to take the most efficient routes between dairy farms, they also communicate directly with dairy farmers to determine when the optimal time to pick up milk is.

Dairy farmers aim to have milk picked up when their storage capacity is nearly full – that way trucks only come as often as needed, never more. This helps save fuel! Many dairy farmers have installed larger storage tanks in recent years because DFA has added new, larger-capacity “quad” tankers.

DFA’s quad tanker trucks are very large capacity milk trucks that can pick up even more milk from more farms before stopping at the processing plant to drop off.

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