Dairy Family

Slutsky-Moore Family

About La Luna Dairy Neither Jon Slutsky nor Susan Moore had agricultural backgrounds. They started acquiring animals before they began dairying and then decided to rent a dairy that milked 64 head of cattle and approached the CSU Vet School’s dairy program for vet services and mentoring. The valuable partnership that developed continues to this […]

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Dairy Family

McIntosh Family

Keeping Traditions Alive in a Changing World Legacy is an enduring theme for many families involved in the dairy business, and this fact is especially obvious in the McIntosh Family. The 520 cow operation located in Brighton, Colo. is a testament to the fact it is possible to keep a legacy alive while producing a […]

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Dairy Family

Docheff Family

New Dairies through the Generations There have been cows milked under the name Docheff for over 80 years, whether the cows themselves belonged to Jim Docheff Sr., his father or his grandfather. “We didn’t just hand down the cows from one generation to the next, we all had to buy our own individual cows,” explained […]

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Dairy Family

Wailes Family

A Proud Tradition of Dairy Farming “The love of the cows is the most rewarding thing about dairy farming,” says Marc Wailes of his life as a dairy farmer, “the people too. There’s fewer and fewer of us all the time and it seems like dairy farmers are as nice of people as you’ll ever […]

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Dairy Family

Maxey Family

When George Maxey left the US Air Force  in 1954 he had $800, a wife and two children. Having come from a farming family, he knew that he had a chance to use his history to make a legacy, and a living. “If I was going to milk cows for a living, I wanted more […]

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Dairy Family

The Tucker Family

When asked what they wish people knew about dairy farming, the Tuckers summed it up by emphasizing how regulated and safe milk is, “the milk’s cleaner than water – it has stricter standards and is so healthy for you.”

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Dairy Family

Kraft Family

The Krafts have concentrated on ensuring that the flow of the cows’ workday is smooth. The consistent flow helps the cows feel relaxed, which in turn makes the healthier and more productive.

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Dairy Family

Webb Family

The Webb family has been dairy farming for 6 generations on the Western Slope of Colorado. Jim Webb and his brother-in-law John Gibson now run the family dairy farm and cheese company.

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Dairy Family

Wick Family

The family dairy can’t operate decade after decade without taking excellent care of the animals, land and natural resources that surround them.

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Dairy Family

McConnell Family

Will McConnell grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the son of a college administrator, but started dreaming of being a farmer or cattleman when he was young.

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Dairy Family

Koldeway Family

Art was one of those sons and he was very interested in following in his father’s footsteps. He couldn’t ignore the family tradition of being stewards of the land.

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Dairy Family

Foss Family

When Elaine and Robert Foss married in 1953, they decided to start milking a few cows in their barn and it ultimately led to Foss Dairy Farm and 3 generations living the dairy life.

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Dairy Family

Pickert Family

When Brad’s sons finished college, they were brought into the family business and they continue to improve and develop the family operation. Brad hopes to bring his grandson into the business in the years to come.

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Dairy Family

Dinis Family

Cattle are creatures of habit – they want to be fed and milked the same way every day – having technology and protocols in place help maintain this consistency.

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Dairy Family

Chapin Family

The Chapins take good care of their family and their cows so they can provide delicious, wholesome milk to Colorado families for many years to come.

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Dairy Family

Koolstra Family

We are constantly seeking ways to improve the comfort of our animals because we know that this will lead to the production of high quality, safe and wholesome milk.

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Dairy Family

Feldpausch Family

Chuck Feldpausch has deep roots in our nation’s dairy community. His grandparents, Roman and Marina Feldpausch, founded their family dairy in 1945 in Saint Johns, Michigan. There, Chuck, along with his six siblings, worked and lived, learning the value of hard work.

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