Curriculum from Western Dairy

We are proud to offer many classroom activities, as well as full curriculum programs for every age of student! Western Dairy has a proud history of helping educators teach students about dairy farming, nutrition and healthy living. Read on to find out more.

Elementary School

journey of milkJourney of Milk  

The Journey of Milk and supporting materials are designed for use in upper elementary school classrooms to introduce students to dairy farms, the steps in producing and processing milk, interesting facts about cows and the dairy industry, and the nutritional value of dairy foods. You can view the video here, student handout here and teacher guide here. If you prefer a DVD copy, please contact Kristin at 720-356-3174.

Journey of Milk can also be presented by a dairy farmer! Using the Journey of Milk as an introduction, your local dairy farmer will share with students all about their life on the dairy farm, show photos of their farm and their cows, and answer questions. The presentation is approximately 30 minutes. Contact Kristin Tucker to schedule at 720-356-3174.

Adopt-A-Farmeradopt a farmer

Take part in a school-year long journey in which your students will be able to experience dairy farming through interaction with a real dairy farmer. Students will be able to correspond with a dairy farmer through letters, videos and much more. You can use the Journey of Milk as an additional educational component of this program as well.

This is a great program to enhance Fuel Up To Play 60. The Adopt a Farmer program can be a Healthy Eating Play when utilizing the Farms to School: Farms Deliver or Farms to School: Know Your Foods suggested plays. To learn more about Fuel Up To Play 60, check out how to get started and enroll today!


Middle/High School


This program is also a great fit for middle or even high school – contact Kristin Tucker at 720-356-3174 to discuss options for your classroom!

Health Basics Curriculum

The Health Basics Curriculum features all 5 food groups recommended by the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, including fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, dairy and whole grains. Designed for middle school through about 10th grade, the inquiry and hands-on lessons engage learners in the basics of nutrition. Click here to download the lesson plans.

Farm to Table Curriculum for Ag ProgramsFFA Dairy Curriculum

The Dairy Value Chain, Dairy Farm to Table Curriculum was a collaboration and joint effort between Colorado State University Ag Education program, Colorado FFA Foundation and Western Dairy Association. This inquiry and experiential curriculum was pilot-tested by several Colorado Ag teachers and introduces students to many facets of the dairy industry. Click here to learn more.

Classroom Activities

In the spirit of Western Dairy’s educational focus, we have many classroom activities to help you teach any age of learner about dairy foods – from making butter or ice cream, to learning about calcium intake, healthy snacks and how much sugar and other nutrients are in various beverages with Think Your Drink.