Kick Off the Program with Miles

Western Dairy Association has partnered with the Denver Broncos to provide Fuel Up To Play 60 schools with educational assemblies called Fuel Up To Play 60 with Miles and Fuel Up To Play 60 – Win it in a Minute with Miles. These assemblies are perfect to kickoff the Fuel Up To Play 60 program at your school or as a reward/incentive when your school reaches Fuel Up To Play 60 milestones. Approx 45-50 minutes in length

Elementary School Program – Fuel Up To Play 60 with Miles

Photo of Denver Broncos Mascot Miles, courtesy of Falcon School District 49.
Photo courtesy of Falcon School District 49

Fuel Up To Play 60 with Miles inspires youth to “fuel up” with low-fat and fat-free dairy, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and to “get up and play” for at least 60 minutes a day. Miles visits the school “in-person” and interacts with a player, registered dietician, and cheerleaders via video screen while creating excitement about Fuel Up To Play 60.

Middle/High School Program – Fuel Up To Play 60 – Win it in a Minute with Miles

Fuel Up To Play 60 – Win it in a Minute with Miles, developed for middle and high schools. Similar to the popular Minute to Win It game show format, students experience beating the clock with Miles, the Denver Broncos mascot, while using themed Fuel Up To Play 60 nutrition and physical activity games.

For school eligibility information contact us at Western Dairy Association, 303-451-7711 or

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Here are some things educators have said about Miles the Mascot assemblies:

“When Miles visited our school, it got the kids super pumped about FUTP 60! Once they saw that Miles was being active and eating healthy, they immediately wanted to as well. The kids were eager to learn about new and healthy foods and how they benefit their bodies!”

“The excitement from the school kick off assembly was electrifying. The students talked about it for the rest of the year. All of the students have heard about Fuel Up to Play 60. We held a “United in Orange” day in conjunction with the Broncos day and it was a hit – very well supported by students.” 

“The NFL support is invaluable. To actually have someone visit who the kids have seen on TV is awesome! It may actually convince students that healthy eating and physical activity is important!”

Don’t have Fuel Up To Play 60 started at your school yet? Contact us today at 303-451-7711.