#DairyAmazing Symposium

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The excitement was contagious at the 3rd Annual #DairyAmazing Symposium as guests from Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado and Montana gathered for all things dairy foods and dairy nutrition.

On November 3rd and 4th, 65 health professionals descended upon the Culinary Institute of America in San Antonio, Texas for the #DairyAmazing Symposium – a premiere educational and cooking event hosted by DairyMAX in partnership with Western Dairy Association. The goals of the Symposium were to convene key health professional thought leaders and provide a forum where they could learn about the science and health benefits of dairy foods and experience, firsthand, culinary applications of dairy as part of a balanced diet, ultimately leading to increases in dairy food recommendations among their patients, clients, and peers.

The 2-day event started with a “Science-Driven Communications” talk helping attendees understand the mindset of today’s consumers and encouraging the audience to separate fact from fiction and translate the science into practical recommendations. The remainder of the first day included a food photography session, nuerogastronomy – a look at human flavor programming, and food demos featuring dairy foods in both sweet and savory dishes. Day one concluded with a reception, dinner and presentations by National Dairy Council President Jean Ragalie-Carr and dairy farmer Frank Volleman, from Wildcat Dairy in Gustine, Texas. Day two started with a presentation by Amy Myrdal-Miller on the Powerful Role of Dairy in our Diets and in our Kitchens. The remainder of the day was spent in hands-on sessions practicing food photography and knife skills and preparing recipes featuring dairy foods – recipes which would ultimately become lunch for all participants.

A total of 4 guests attended from WDA’s region, including 2 guests from Montana State University Dietetic Internship Program, a chef/registered dietitian from Johnson and Wales and a registered dietitian from Anschutz Medical Campus and Health and Wellness Center. The feedback from these guests was so positive.

“Greetings from Snowy Montana! I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed the symposium, the people involved, and meeting you. THANK YOU!” — Coleen Kaiser, MS RDN LN (Director Montana State University Dietetic Internship)

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