Our Family
Dennis, Jennifer, Isaiah, Micah, Samuel
Cope, CO
Why dairy farming?
Dairy farming is not just a profession for our family, it is a passion.

Koolstra Family Share

An Active Family Fueled by Dairy

Dennis and Jennifer Koolstra have always loved agriculture, and their family has always been involved in farming of some kind.

“We are dedicated to providing our country and the world with high-quality, nutritious milk and dairy foods. Dairy farming is not just a profession for our family, it is a passion,” says Jennifer.Koolstra Family, Colorado Dairy Farmers

Dennis Koolstra is a second-generation dairy farmer and runs an operation in Eastern Colorado. They have three children – Isaiah, Micah and Samuel. Dennis’s parents, Wilbert and Marie started dairy farming after Wilbert took on work as a relief milker for a farm near Berthoud, Colorado. The farmer paid him for that work by giving him a Holstein cow and the rest is history – the Koolstras have been running a dairy farm ever since.

Koolstra Dairy family kid with calf “We are constantly seeking ways to improve the comfort of our animals because we know that this will lead to the production of high quality, safe and wholesome milk. Without healthy and content cows, we couldn’t do what we do. Caring for our animals is our number one priority,” says Dennis.

The family feels good about fueling their active lifestyles with dairy – from string cheese to yogurt; they know dairy products keep their bones healthy and energy levels high from school classes to soccer practice.