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Tim, David, Mena, Miranda, Kyle, Abbey, Greg
Milliken, CO
Why dairy farming?
The independence of being your own boss is really the best thing about farming.

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Seeing the Results of Hard Work

Tim Bernhardt is the co-owner of Bernhardt Dairy Farm, Bernhardt Farms LLC and Bernhardt Ag LLC with his brother, Bernhardt Dairy - Kids standing with dairy cowsDavid. Bernhardt’s family has owned their farm near Milliken since 1920. His grandfather George moved to Denver from Russia in 1915, but felt the city wasn’t the place to raise a family. He bought a place near the JBS feed lot and in 1920 bought two adjoining farms with his brother-in-law. Today, the dairy still sits on one-half of that original parcel.

After getting his Bachelor’s from Colorado State University in Agriculture Industries Management, Bernhardt headed back to the farm and helped run the family business with his father, Rueben.

Bernhardt met his wife, Mena, at CSU and they have been married for 36 years. They have 2 daughters; Miranda, who is married to Kyle Carbough and Abbey, who is married to Greg Farnsworth.

Bernhardt Dairy - Milking diary cowsThe Bernhardt farm milks 900 cows each day, including red and white Holsteins. They also farm 1200 acres of corn and alfalfa fields. “The independence of being your own boss is really the best thing about farming,” says Bernhardt. “You reap the benefits of your hard work and see the rewards.”

While Bernhardt is passionate about dairy farming, he has also served various roles for the Windsor Community Playhouse, including serving as its current president.

As a Board Member for Western Dairy Association, Bernhardt says he hopes to do more for the industry and make some new connections. “It will be a great chance to give back to the industry and community of dairy farmers,” said Bernhardt.

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