Our Family
Norm, Bill, Britt
Wiggins, CO
Why dairy farming?
I am proud of the legacy of my family and of the industry as a whole.

Dinis Family Share

The American Dream

Norm Dinis is a second generation U.S. citizen whose father, Jack, moved to the U.S. from Azores, a small group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. Jack, who grew up dairy farming on the tiny islands, immigrated to Toronto, Canada when he was 17 and worked various jobs until he decided to sell everything he owned and moved to Colorado. Here, he joined a cousin who was milking cows and eventually, when his son, Norm, had graduated from high school, Jack bought a dairy farm of his own.

Dinis Empire Dairy - Colorado Dairy FarmersNorm and his brother, Bill, now manage a large dairy herd today in Wiggins, Colorado. Norm has a wife, Britt, and three children. Norm sees the larger size of his dairy as an advantage and a more sustainable business model – he can ship full tankers of milk, eliminating the need for multiple route stops to fill a truck and lowering carbon emissions and gas use. He also re-uses water by first using it to cool milk before it is stored and then giving it to his cows to drink.

The farm is also smart about using manure to fertilize the fields of crops they grow and keeping track of cows with electronic monitors.

“Cattle are creatures of habit,” Norm says. “They want to be fed and milked the same way every day – having technology and protocols in place help maintain this consistency.”Dinis Empire Dairy - Colorado Dairy Farm Cows

Norm is especially proud of his farm’s employees – many of whom have immigrated to the U.S. just like his own father.

“I saw what my dad had to work through as an immigrant and how hard he struggled to be where he is today – to attain that ‘America Dream.’ I am proud of the legacy of my family and of the industry as a whole.”