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Brad, Diny,
Loveland, CO
Why dairy farming?
We hope that we can pass something on to our kids – not necessarily material-wise, but when it comes to ethics. Family is number one.

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Technological Leaders for Over 50 Years

Brad Pickert, Sr. has served on the Board of Directors for Western Dairy Association for more than 10 years. He grew up in New York, and now owns a dairy farm in Berthoud, Colorado.

Brad’s father bought a dairy farm in New York when Brad was eight years old, and Brad worked there throughout his childhood. After attending the School of Agriculture at Cornell University, Brad continued working on the family farm.Pickert Dairy in Berthoud, Colorado

In his time dairying in New York, Brad was constantly putting the latest technology in place. In 1968, his family was the first dairy in their area to have a milking parlor. They also had harvest store silos, which allow for upright storage for haylage and high moisture corn grain, and are glass-lined and oxygen limiting. The family was also among the   first to use calf hutches and to perform embryo transplanting.

“Innovation in the dairy industry has changed tremendously,” said Brad.

In 1981, Brad decided to move his family and 180 cattle to Colorado – fulfilling a lifelong dream of moving West. Despite leaving his community behind, Brad couldn’t be happier with his life in Berthoud. He sings in the Barbership Chorus, his wife Diny works with the Colorado Dairywomen and both of his sons are involved in sports and the family farm.

Colorado Dairy Farmers, Pickert DairyWhen Brad’s sons finished college, they were brought into the family business and they continue to improve and develop the family operation. Brad hopes to bring his grandson into the business in the years to come.

“I think of it as a feather in my cap that I have two sons and a grandson that want to be in business with us,” Brad explains. “Diny and I hope that we can pass something on to them – not necessarily material-wise, but when it comes to ethics. Family is number one.”