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Jim and Willyn
Olathe, CO
Why dairy farming?
Milk is the most tested, healthy, nutritious option you can choose for your family.

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Cheese Makers

The Webb family has been dairy farming for 6 generations on the Western Slope of Colorado. Jim Webb and his brother-in-law John Gibson now run the family dairy farm and cheese company.

Jim’s family has been in the Uncompahgre area since before the turn of the century. He was born and raised on the family dairy farm and decided after college that dairy farming was what he wanted to do with his life. Jim met his wife, Willyn during his last year of college when he was home on Christmas break. She was student teaching with Jim’s sister in Delta, Colorado. They now have three children – Skylyn, Joyclie and Missa.

The Webb family milks 600 cows and farms 600 acres of corn. They ensure their cows are happy and healthy by working Webb Family Dairy - Calf with girlclosely with a nutritionist who formulates the cow feed to make sure the cows are well taken care of. They are always working towards a higher level of sustainability by capturing all waste from the dairy and applying it to their fields to increase yields and soil fertility.

“Milk is the most tested, healthy, nutritious option you can choose for your family,” says Jim Webb.

The Webbs added cheese making to their operation in 2009. Artisan cheese, which is so popular in today’s local-focused food market, was the family’s way of expanding the business.

Although opening a cheese shop during the recession was difficult, the Webbs stuck it out as a family and made it through. Together, Jim Webb and his brother John Gibson presented the cheese to Kroger by bringing a cooler of cheddar and Jack and Webb Family Dairy girls enjoying ice creamthreatening to sit in the lobby for a week until someone tasted their cheese. Their hard work paid off and Rocking W varieties are now available at King Soopers, City Market, Safeway, Whole Foods and Albertsons. It is also sold in some specialty markets, delis and restaurants.

The Webb family stays active in their community through the Delta Christian Church, the Delta High School Booster Club and Jim has also coached the junior high basketball team for the last ten years.

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