Our Family
Andy, Polly, Jeff
Austin, CO
Why dairy farming?
It's about being good stewards of animals and the land.

Wick Family Share

Since 1972, Andy and Polly Wick and their family have operated Upper Family Holsteins, a dairy farm in Austin, Colorado. An all-inclusive family business, their son, Jeff Wick, grows the corn and alfalfa the dairy operation needs. He also assists with the breeding and calving.

The family dairy can’t operate decade after decade without taking excellent care of the animals, land and natural resources that surround them.  “Most dairy producers think of sustainability as survivability”, says Andy Wick, “it’s about being good stewards of animals and the land.”

Some of this means going back to basics in terms of being good stewards of animals and the land – there’s nothing more perfect and natural than using cow manure Upper Valley Holsteins Dairy Farmto add nutrients back into the soil. It fertilizes the corn and alfalfa, which in turn feeds the cows. This sustainable cycle has made sense for generations and will continue to be one of the ways that Wicks responsibly manage their land.

In addition to composting, the Wicks also utilize thermastorage. Commonly used on dairy farms, this technology captures the heat released by milk-cooling compressors to heat water and power pumps. It saves electricity during milking and decrease the environmental footprint of the dairy.

Proudly making high quality milk, Upper Valley Holsteins distributes their milk to a local processor. Like all school milk in Colorado, Mesa County School District 51 serves milk locally produced in Colorado.