The 20 Best Things About Dairy

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June is Dairy Month! Dairy farmers have been celebrating in June since 1937 when June was National Milk Month. Whether it’s the cows, the dairy farmers, or the milk, cheese and yogurt they make – we love all things dairy – here’s a list of 20 things there are to love:


  1. Dairy comes from cows, which are awesome animals!
  2. Cows like to lie down for 12-14 hours a day – something lots of humans wish they could do!
  3. Cows love a good meal – when living on a dairy farm, the food is also formulated by a nutritionist, so it is tasty AND good for them!
  4. Cows know how to have fun! Some of them follow the dairy farmer around, others knock over water buckets and some even escape from their pens and go for adventures!
  5. Cows are very smart – they know exactly when it is time for their turn in the milking parlor – even daylight savings time doesn’t fool them!
  6. Cows get fuzzy coats in the winter … and smooth coats in the summer. Built in temperature control!
  7. Dairy cows are taken care of by dairy farmers – who are awesome people!
  8. 97% of dairy farms in the U.S. are family owned and operated.
  9. Most dairy farmers plan to pass their farm down to their children and grandchildren – many inherited the farm themselves.
  10. Many dairy farmers not only care for a whole herd of cows, calves and heifers (cows who haven’t had a calf yet) – they also farm crops to feed those cows! Talk about working hard!
  11. Dairy farmers are always working to improve their cows’ health, their milk quality and their land’s integrity.
  12. As if all that wasn’t enough, dairy farmers got together 5 years ago and decided to start and fund an in-school health and wellness program called Fuel Up to Play 60. Because the next generation’s health is important to them too!
  13. But don’t forget – dairy foods are delicious and good for you too!
  14. Milk has 9 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, vitamin D and protein.
  15. At less than 25 cents a glass, milk is also very affordable and nutrient-rich for the price.
  16. Having milk in your cereal can actually help reduce the effect any sugar in the cereal has on your teeth!
  17. Chocolate and regular milk are both excellent exercise recovery beverages – and all natural!
  18. Cheese is just delicious. Keep it good for you by limiting portion size.
  19. Yogurt is great by itself, but the possibilities are endless! Try it in a parfait, as a dip for fruits and veggies, as a spread on toast, as a substitute for sour cream, cream cheese or mayonnaise! Get more ideas here.
  20. There is a whole month dedicated to celebrating ice cream – July!


Happy June Dairy Month – and thank you to all our dairy farm families for the hard work and dedication throughout the year!

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