What does it Take to Become a Fuel Up to Play 60 Touchdown School?

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Commitment, Dedication and Fun!

Western Dairy Association would like to congratulate the Fuel Up to Play 60 schools within our region who reached Touchdown status by April 1st of this school year, 2015/2016. We are proud of this number as it has grown – more than doubled over the past school year!

So, you might be thinking… this Fuel Up to Play 60 program includes a ton of football terminology, do what does it really mean to be a touchdown school?  Has the school scored 7 points?  Almost! The school actually scored by completing the 6 step process! They are now the best of the best!

For those not familiar with Fuel Up to Play 60, let me explain. To score a “Touchdown” with Fuel Up to Play 60, schools must complete the program’s Six Step process by April 1st.   To complete the 6 steps a school must have an adult Program Advisor. Program Advisors “coach” the Fuel Up to Play 60 student team so schools and students get the most out of the program. It’s also the Program Advisor’s job to track the team’s progress on the school’s Dashboard and apply for grant funding as needed.

Furthermore, new for this season was that a school must have at least one student who achieved Ambassador status for the current school year. Ambassadors are students that are active and have earned at least 30,000 points. This qualifies the school to “check off” step 2.june the cow

Completing the next step, number 3, involves the student team hosting a kickoff assembly for the entire school to let them know about Fuel Up to Play 60 and get them jazzed up about getting involved. The fourth step involves the students and asks them to help their program advisor to assess the nutrition and physical activity environment by completing what the program calls a school wellness investigation.

The fifth step which is the “core” of the program is where the school activates a selected healthy eating play and physical activity play. Schools choose whichever play will help improve their environment, such as adding Breakfast in the Classroom, to Ramping Up Recess (making recess more active). What makes FUTP 60 unique is that it is customizable, and not a one-size-fits-all approach! The 6th and final step asks the school to share their success story!

Along the way to reaching Touchdown status, a school can earn rewards for making a First Down by completing Steps 1-3 or for scoring a Field Goal by completing Steps 1-5.

So as you can see, there is dedication, and commitment, as well as an opportunity for celebration! All the schools who reached Touchdown status will be invited to attend a special FUTP 60 recognition event in the fall at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium. There the student leaders and program advisor leaders from each school will have the opportunity to hear inspirational words from a dairy farmer who funds the program, a Denver Broncos player, they will have the opportunity for a VIP tour of the stadium, and to network and share with other FUTP 60 schools.

Emmanuel sandersThis past years’ event included Denver Broncos player Emmanuel Sanders and students also had the opportunity to hear from and thank dairy farmer Josh Cleland and help milk “June” the Animatronic cow. Miles the Mascot and two Denver Broncos cheerleaders also danced with the students and program advisors. Plus, each school received a Touchdown School trophy to take back to their awards case. A fun time was had by all!

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